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Quick feedback: eHRM as tool for managers

With eHRM, you can promote a culture of feedback in your company. It enables managers to quickly and easily gather different opinions on the work of their colleagues and thus improve their leadership. At the same time, eHRM serves as a tool for continuous learning for all employees. 

The quick and regular exchange of feedback is crucial for any company. Colleagues are an excellent source of information as they know the work of team members from different perspectives (often even better than the manager).

As a tool for managers

With the functionality in eHRM, managers can ask their team members or other colleagues about their work or the work of a colleague. In this way, they can easily gather various types of feedback. For example:

  • You worked with Jure on the Alpha project. As we have a development meeting next week, I would like to ask you for feedback on his clear communication, the approaches used and the quality of interaction with the team. Thank you!
  • Please provide feedback on how the colleague performs the pre-sales activities on average. Take into account how he adapts to customer needs and understands the functionalities.

The advice here is that more specific questions often lead to more specific answers.

The functionality is therefore an excellent tool for managers. Based on feedback from others involved in specific activities, they can communicate with employees about their work – for example, after the completion of a project or during a development meeting – in more detail and from different perspectives. They can incorporate the opinions, assertions and views of others.

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