Digital Agora communication platform

Integrate each and every employee

Do you have a large number of employees without remote access to internal digital business tools (e.g. drivers, salespeople, off-site workers) and want to include them in internal communications?

The Digital Agora platform allows you to integrate each and every employee. By installing the environment on a portable device, employees can receive the key information they need to do their job. This way, you set up an integrated digital work environment for each and every employee, impacting their productivity, engagement and loyalty to the company.

Digital Agora leads you to
Reach every employee
Regardless of their location or workplace, employees are kept up-to-date with key information within the company and have all the information they need to do their job at hand − without the need for a work email address or private phone number.
Active co-creation of culture
With Digital Agora, every employee gets a voice. This channel facilitates two-way communication between the company and its employees. Everyone can directly contribute to the culture of the organisation through their comments, votes, opinions and other feedback to the company.
Adopt more efficient ways of working
Improved information sharing increases employee productivity as employees have the key information they need to do their job at hand at all times − shortcuts to frequently used tools, work schedules, contact lists, e-documents and other.
Engaged and motivated employees
By improving internal communication, involving all employees and keeping them informed, you increase their engagement and loyalty to the company. The company also directs its workforce more effectively by communicating with everyone.
Digitized and optimized processes
Digital Agora’s Processes module allows the digitization and optimization of business processes. We have optimized, among other things, fleet management, submission of travel orders, time recording at the workplace, sending out memos, etc. for businesses.

Digital Agora combines functionalities

Reach all employees with important internal news and announcements.

Share and spread internal know-how, provide work instructions, benefits, training courses, and onboarding.

Notify everyone of new training courses, teambuilding and other internal events.

Key links

Quickly access applications and tools for your daily work.

Work plan

Keep an overview of your planned work and schedules.


Systematically receive feedback from your employees.

Search engine

Search content and documents effectively.

Contact list

Access contact details and other information about your employees.

Company organigram

Keep an overview of the company's organisational chart.


Include employees in internal communications.


Monitor the reach of the channel and individual content, and suggest improvements.

Bringing your company together

Setting up communication channels is one of our main areas of expertise and we have been helping clients for years to foster internal communication, productivity and collaboration among employees. Our vision is to bring the digital work experience of every employee closer to the one they experience with digital services at home. We provide solutions for interaction that they come back to.

We are proud of our past collaborations. Discover our success stories with the companies Mercator and Nomago whose employees we helped bring together through an integrated digital work experience.

Case study
mi.Mercator & integrated digital employee experience

Mercator employs 21,000 people in five markets. Its key focus was set on the goal to unify markets, both in terms of internal communication and the group’s operations.
In cooperation with Agitavit, the idea of mi.Mercator – a platform for employees of all Mercator Group companies – was conceived to build a digital experience for each individual.

Using this communication solution, we were able to connect people at different locations. We increased employee engagement and improved company loyalty this way, which allowed us to achieve our initial objective.
Borut Puklavec, PhD Director of IT Strategy, Nomago d.o.o.
When I discovered Digital Agora, I knew it was the solution to our challenges. In addition to the platform's functionalities, it was crucial for us to have a good relationship with the provider's team, as we believe that both a good product and a good relationship are the foundation for the success of a project.
Irena Intihar Human resources director, Automatic servis d.o.o.
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