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Every one of Agitavit’s 130 employees wants to use technology solutions to improve the world of business. Every employee can choose to work at the office or from home. We have offices in Ljubljana and Maribor. Join us in creating success stories.
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Who are we?

We are IT experts in Microsoft technologies who apply modern technologies and development practices throughout our working lives. We ensure a collaborative work environment based on continuous personal and career development, which is delivered through internal and external training courses, through the Agitavit Academy, and through mentoring. As a family-friendly company, we have created an environment in which we maintain a good work-life balance.

Job openings

Why choose us?
As a family-friendly company, we foster an environment with a good work-life balance
Training is provided via a system of internal and external training courses and the Agitavit Academy
We offer three types of mentoring, and structured onboarding
Our working time is flexible, so you can organize your work around other activities
Our teams work with modern technologies and development concepts
We plan your career and goals collaboratively, and reward good performance
We hold development discussions every four months
We foster a culture of colleagues who are always willing to help each other
Get to know us

“Agitavit projects are never short of challenges, and our team fosters friendly relations and a homely atmosphere. When I need a break, I can unwind in the relaxation room with a game of table football.”

Vedran, Technical Project Manager, Agitavit Solutions
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“A quality app = a happy client. Being able to support and help the client in solving various problems is an added bonus, and a test of your own ability to handle different situations.”

Tjaša, Senior QA & CS Engineer, Agitavit Solutions
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“At my job, I have a lot of contact with clients and their work environments, which gives me a sense of responsibility for the work I do. Due to the nature of the solutions we offer, each new project comes with a whole new set of challenges, which is always a great opportunity to expand our knowledge.”

Martin, Head of the Identity Management Program, Agitavit Solutions
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“Dedication. Cooperation. Dynamics. These three words best describe the work of the Agitavit marketing team. We value and foster a sense of initiative, and are welcoming of new suggestions, but still work together on finding solutions that let us become even better.”

Maja, Marketing Manager, Agitavit Solutions
Get to know us

“I like working at Agitavit because it is never the same. Every project brings a new challenge, so our brain cells are always working hard.”

Maruša, Business Analyst, Agitavit Solutions
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