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Need a mobile application to support you in achieving your business goals? We will tackle your challenge in a holistic and systematic way, and create a tailor-made mobile solution.

From an idea to a mobile solution

We listen and adapt to your needs

Our expertise and insight enable us to ask the right questions and create a mobile application that meet your needs.

We develop intuitive solutions for mobile devices

Based on an in-depth analysis, we develop a mobile application that combine your requirements and intuitive user experience.

We develop cross platform mobile applications

We use different technologies to develop mobile applications supported on iOS and Android operating systems.

Case study
Merilec mobile application - digital support for wood management

The company Slovenski državni gozdovi (SiDG) manages more than 234 thousand hectares of forests. It, among other things, takes care of felling and delivery of wood to buyers or in the warehouse. Before removal, dispatchers of forest wood assortments record the amount of cut wood.


To digitize the dispatch and wood storage process, we developed the mobile application Merilec. The application supports the work of dispatchers even in areas without a network connection. 

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