A reliable partner for complex challenges

Agitavit was created out of a desire to offer the market quality solutions for tackling unique business challenges using information technology.
At the same time, we wanted to create an environment in which we could follow our personal values, which are rooted in reliability and efficient, agile organization, as well as quality and cooperation in our professional life.
And today we still stand by this. We are creating a culture in which our employees can thrive and get promoted, while we impress our clients and partners every day with our know-how, solutions and approach.
We believe in
Focusing on the client
We realize that we can only be as successful as our clients are. We believe that client satisfaction is achieved through flexibility, responsiveness and a commitment to honoring agreements.
“Wow!” is a client response that brightens our day. In our work, we ensure the quality of our products, services, processes and relationships.
We constantly think about where to find new knowledge, how to encourage the transfer of know-how between colleagues, and how to improve our solutions, services, and working practices. We do not shy away from change, as it is embedded in our operations.
It is common knowledge here that you can always count on the help of your colleagues. We are building a culture of open communication and cooperation.

Long-standing Microsoft Partner

We have been working with Microsoft since the outset and hold Partner status in their Partner Network. The status we have acquired show that we have plenty of certified experts in Microsoft technologies, have successfully implemented projects in individual technology areas, and that we ensure high quality services and solutions.

Our credit rating is consistently AAA

We are a reliable and credible partner. For many years now, our company has been awarded AAA, the highest rating awarded by the Dun & Bradstreet credit rating agency, placing us among the highest tier of business entities.

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20 years of success

We celebrate the 20th anniversary. We enhance the design and elevate the user experience of our product Digital Agora. Additionally, we revamp our employee reward and training programs.

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Launching a new product Digital Agora

We redesign the Agitavit website and launch a new product – communication platform Digital Agora. Our revenue grows by 25%. For the partner project of introducing a mentoring and coaching program in the company AMZS, we receive the award MEGA pospešek 2022 (a Slovenian award for the best HR project).

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Among finalists of the European Excellence Awards

The mi.Mercator platform places us among the finalists of the European Excellence Awards. For the first time, our revenue exceeded five million euros. We complete the first season of the Agitavit UP (Upgrade Performance) mentoring program, which included 17 mentoring couples.

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Revenue and number of employees growth

The number of employees exceeds 100. The project of creating career paths is one of the finalists for the HR&M project of the year award. Despite the pandemic our revenue grows by over 20%. In 2020, a case study on partnership with Hilti Corporation is published.

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The most innovative project

We revise our employee rewards system and establish a new career path framework. In 2019, we connect more than 14,000 employees into the eHRM human resource solution.

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15th anniversary

We celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company. We open a new branch office in Maribor. We launch a new version of the eHRM human resource solution (both, cloud and on-premise ). We include the Internet of Things into the portfolio.

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Internal hackathon

Internal hackathon We are nominated for the Gazela award for the fastest growing company in Slovenia and are the Golden Thread finalists for the second time. In 2017 we generate more than two-thirds of revenue abroad. We organize our first hackathon. In the relaxation room, we add football table.

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Golden Thread finalists

In 2016 we are included among the Golden Thread finalists for the first time. We obtain the Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency.

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Award for outstanding business and entrepreneurial achievements

The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognises the company’s successful performance and confers on us the award for outstanding business and entrepreneurial achievements in 2014. We obtain the Microsoft Silver Identity and Access Management competency .

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Title Ruban d'Honneur

According to the Dun&Bradstreet criteria, we obtain the highest 1A1 credit rating. We obtain the title Ruban d’Honneur 2013/14 in the framework of the European Business Awards and rank among the Top 10 employers in a group of 15,000 European companies.

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Excellent SME certificate

In 2013 we obtain the Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content competency. The number of employees in the company exceeds 50. In the 2012/2013 period, we are selected a National Champion in the European Business Awards selection and enter the final selection of the competition. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia awards us the Excellent Small & Medium Enterprises certificate, a business excellence award issued based on invitation and an evaluation of the business entity.

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First major project in Germany

We win our first major project in Germany. We receive the Microsoft Silver Project and Portfolio Management competency. We move to new company premises.

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Nominated for the Gazela award

We are nominated for the Gazela award – for the fastest growing company in Slovenia. In the same year, Bisnode Slovenia gives us the highest possible credit rating of AAA. We are nominated for the Gazela award – for the fastest growing company in Slovenia.

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Microsoft’s partner of the year for Central and Eastern Europe

In 2010 we are selected Microsoft’s partner of the year for Central and Eastern Europe and are among the three finalists in the world for IT solution development in the selection of Microsoft’s leading partners. In the same year we obtain the Microsoft Custom development competency.

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First major project abroad

We win our first major project abroad.

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Microsoft Gold Certified partner

We obtain the Microsoft Information Worker Solutions competency and are appointed a Microsoft Gold Certified partner.

Clients about us

“In 2021, we internalized the philosophy of lean business and have, as a result, set out on a journey to digitize the company's processes. As the HR department did not want to be stay behind on this journey, we got in touch with Agitavit and introduced eHRM modules tailored to our specific needs. Personnel records at first, then training courses… and all the way to on- and offboarding. I never imagined that a single application could make company life so much easier! Another argument in favor of the eHRM application are the people behind it – professional, flexible and smiling, they are a real pleasure to work with!”

Živa Bizjak Cotič, HR Manager, KingsBox
Our culture

At Agitavit, we are all committed to our work, and are always on the lookout for even more innovative solutions for our clients. We tackle complex challenges, but we never leave anyone to fend for themselves. They can always rely on our team of experienced colleagues for support. We are proud of our internal culture, where mutual cooperation and assistance, as well as know-how and quality, are valued.

We provide opportunities to work on interesting projects, and our work involves modern technologies and development practices. Continuous learning is provided through mentoring, internal and external training courses, and the Agitavit Academy. Each employee also has a clearly defined career path, as well as set development goals and performance targets.

Want to join us? Get in touch. We provide excellent career opportunities in an agile work environment.

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