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What can our employees tell you about Agitavit? That they love the hybrid work environment and flexible hours, the ever-new challenges, and the state-of-the-art technologies and development practices, as well as the good work-life balance. We are also proud that Agitavit employees always help each other out.

Various types of mentoring for continuous development

Each employee can choose between three types of mentoring. Through onboarding mentoring, every new employee is assigned a mentor on arrival to help them get started at work. As part of personal mentoring, you work on a personal challenge with a mentor who has been through similar life circumstances. Through Agitavit UP mentoring, we provide continuous growth, learning and career progression.

Internal training system

Agitavit possesses a lot of in-house expertise, both in terms of technical skills and soft skills. We have a system of internal training courses in place, and hold a training course on a specific topic every Thursday. Furthermore, workshop training courses at the Agitavit Academy provide an opportunity to learn new know-how, and work on practical cases in small groups.

Employee development leader

Every employee is assigned a development leader on arrival. Among other things, the leader supports their career development and career planning, provides ongoing feedback, and monitors their training and other development activities. Once every four months, every employee has an in-depth development discussion with their development leader to talk over their work, job satisfaction and progress.

We are family-friendly

Overtime is the exception with us. We promote a good work-life balance. Each employee can choose whether they want to work at the office or from home, and we have flexible working hours. Every year, Father Frost stops by to visit our little ones bearing gifts for all our employees’ children.

Shaping your career path

Team spirit, mentoring, and the opportunity to work on interesting projects allow each of us to advance our careers and grow professionally. Once a year, we devote our development discussions to career planning. Employees and their leaders look at what wishes they have, set the next steps together, and then monitor their performance during the year. We encourage both vertical and horizontal progression.

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