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Continuous learning through prompt peer feedback

Foster a culture of continuous learning in your organization. eHRM enables every employee to effortlessly collect feedback from colleagues — including compliments, comments, and suggestions for improvement — which contributes to their continuous development. 

A culture of frequent feedback is essential for any organization looking to grow in a dynamic environment. Colleagues are an invaluable source of information within the company, as they offer unique insights into our work from different perspectives.

As a learning tool

The Peer to peer feedback functionality in eHRM significantly benefits all employees. By receiving comments on their work performance, employees can highlight areas where they excel and identify aspects that need to be improved.

Employees can ask their colleagues questions such us:

  • How would you rate my last presentation at the kick-off meeting? Did I miss anything crucial? If so, what?
  • We recently presented our product to a potential client. Could you give me feedback on my communication during the presentation?

In this context, asking more specific questions typically generates more detailed answers.

Regular feedback is therefore an opportunity for self-assessment and skill development. It is the fastest and most effective way of learning, as employees continuously improve their skills through high-quality feedback on specific examples.

eHRM, with its Peer to peer feedback functionality, encourages communication among colleagues and cultivates a culture of continuous learning. This improvement leads to a better working environment, which in turn supports the growth and development of the company.

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