News January 2024

New: Speed up document processing with electronic signature

With eHRM you can manage documents such as employment or training contracts etc. digitally. By integrating an electronic signature, we have made it possible to sign documents digitally, which simplifies and speeds up the process. 

With the electronic signature, you can prepare all the necessary data for signing a document in eHRM, specify the location of the signature and send the document to selected people for electronic signature with just one click.

The signatories are notified of the signature request by email and confirm their agreement with the content with just one click, using either a regular or a qualified digital certificate — anytime, anywhere. After signing, they receive the signed version to their email address.

eHRM gives you a complete overview of the status. You receive information about who has already signed a particular document and who has not. In one place you have access to already signed documents and information about their status, the signatories and the signing date.

This new function simplifies the process of signing documents and you have all the important information you need for your work with documents in one place.

By signing documents electronically, you also ensure legally required security, prevent denial of authenticity and block unauthorized access to an already verified document. In addition, you eliminate paper from your processes, achieving cost savings in the company and pursuing sustainable goals.

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