News October 2021

eHRM provides you with instant analytics

Analysis of key information is becoming increasingly associated with the business. In the future, such analysis will even more drive the development and dictate the direction where the companies will go, and more and more leaders require immediate access to up-to-date information.

eHRM with personalized graphic representations of key performance indicators allows continuous analytical insight into collecting information about employees.

Team leaders and HR professionals are using eHRM on the home page personalized dashboard which allows them to prepare many analytical insights into the collected data – without the need for creating special reports. In this way they have at all times available insight into the progress of employees, teams and companies. Up-to-date insights enable them to timely detect trends and adopt timely and effective business decisions.

The responsible persons can have a graphical display of key performance indicators at all times regardless of set goals or business processes. They can see training status of the employees for each quarter, achieving goals or the average salary for individual workplaces.

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