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We provide full support for Microsoft 365

Gone are the days when the workplace was just a physical space. The digital work environment reshapes employee experience by fostering communication, cooperation and innovation.

These are all key factors in the digital transformation and business success of a company. We create integrated and efficient digital work environments which enable all employees to access information relevant to their work, to actively contribute to company culture, to adopt new and more effective ways of working, and to directly contribute to the accomplishment of objectives. We help you achieve your objectives by using Microsoft 365 digital tools.

We deploy the Microsoft 365 service pack of your choosing

Microsoft 365 combines tools that support modern ways of working. A combination of the best apps of their kind (such as Excel and Outlook) with efficient cloud services (OneDrive and Microsoft Teams) allows you to share content anywhere, and via any device.
At Agitavit, we:

• Offer advice on selecting the right service package

• Arrange the purchase of licenses according to the package of your choosing

• Deploy the service package of your choosing

If you already have an IT infrastructure set up, we will take care of the data transfer, and adapt the package to your needs.

Offering advice and training on selecting and deploying Microsoft 365

The key to attaining a successful and efficient digital work environment lies in the proper deployment of tools within the company's work processes and digital infrastructure, in adherence to the company's security policies, and in user engagement and training.

Our experts provide advice on the optimal choice and full deployment of Microsoft 365 tools. They provide answers to key questions: what, when and how to deploy the right digital tools within your work processes. We also offer a Microsoft 365 consultancy program − the Agitavit Adoption Framework − under which we provide quick and efficient solutions to your challenges in this area.

Through workshops and interviews with key stakeholders and by keeping the end user in mind, we help you define what kind of digital work environment your employees need, and empower them to truly embrace it and use it.

Developing additional functionalities for Microsoft 365

Having trouble utilizing Microsoft 365 tools for non-standard business processes and specific procedures that add value to your business and employees, and give you a competitive edge?

We believe that technology should serve people, not the other way around. If your existing Microsoft 365 service or solution doesn't fully meet your needs and requirements, or doesn’t accommodate your work processes, we will develop solutions that are tailored to your business, your processes and your employees.

We are experienced in tackling complex challenges. We can back this up with numerous references, as we have helped many companies achieve their business objectives through our know-how and experience. You can find our clients and their success stories on our case studies page.

Case study
Bankart: A comprehensive digital work environment for Bankart employees

Bankart wanted to strengthen communication to and between employees, and ensure centralized access to key business tools.
After analyzing the needs of their key shareholders, Agitavit helped them develop an intranet portal with which they achieved their vision.

The difference is significant when compared to the previous situation. With an integrated and uniform digital office, employees can finally be more productive and work efficiently − something that should indeed be one of the main concerns of any modern company.
Gregor Kovač Managing Director of OMEGA d.o.o.
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