A comprehensive digital work environment for Bankart employees



  • Strengthen communication to and between employees, and ensure centralized access to key business tools.
  • Make up-to-date, accurate and relevant information accessible to all employees, at any time and on any device (including the possibility of mobile access).
  • Decentralize the editorial policy in order to provide information from different parts of the organisation.
  • Demonstrate the effect the tools have on the work of employees and the return on investment in IT support.


  • Identifying key challenges and solutions to internal communication, and cooperation with key stakeholders in workshops.
  • Setting up an environment for modern, interactive, two-way communication between employees.
  • Revamping the editorial and administrative policies of the intranet portal.
  • Setting up the tools for reach and traffic analysis.


  • Informed decision-making, as employees are familiar with key information within the company.
  • Uniform access to key documentation for all employees.
  • Increased employee productivity, as employees do not need to spend time searching for key information.
  • Greater company transparency.

About the client

You may not realize it, but Bankart processes surround you every day. Every time you use plastic money, ATMs, POS terminals, the SEPA infrastructure for small payments, e-invoices for doing business, Flik payments, whenever you work with the Bankart Call Centre, which provides assistance to users of ATMs and POS terminals, and with the POS service department whenever POS terminals are installed, serviced or maintained in Bankart’s POS network. With the successfully set up SIMP infrastructure (SEPA Infrastructure for Small Payments), Bankart has joined other European clearing houses which process SEPA credit transfers and SEPA direct debits, and utilizes it to process large amounts of SEPA-compliant payment orders. The SIMP infrastructure meets all SEPA requirements and is fully compliant with SEPA conditions as specified in the Eurosystem. The company ensures a high level of reliability, availability and quality of service, as evidenced by its high level of compliance with regulatory mandates and standards.

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At Bankart, we wanted to provide our employees with an effective information hub and digital work environment. Consultants at Agitavit Solutions helped us find the answer to the question of how to adapt the existing environment to best suit the needs of our employees. After analyzing the needs of our key shareholders, Agitavit helped us develop an intranet portal with which we can achieve our vision – designing a stimulating digital work environment that allows Bankart employees to be informed, engaged and highly productive.
Primož Kraševec Head of IT Solution Development at Bankart d.o.o.
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