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Simplify recruitment through digitization

eHRM allows HR professionals to work more efficiently. With the Recruitment module, they can digitize the recruitment process (from drafting job advertisements to deciding on the most suitable candidate), as it simplifies the process and ensures greater transparency of activities.

Recruiting a new employee is a process that involves a number of steps (preparing a job advertisement, reviewing applications, conducting job interviews, etc.). This process can become complex and non-transparent with an increasing number of applications or job openings. The Recruitment module leads to a digitized, flexible and simple recruitment process.

The very first step (the job advertisement) can be drawn up within the module. All applications submitted via the website are recorded directly under the relevant call for applications. Candidate details (the position candidates apply for, dates of application, cover letters, CVs, etc.) are gathered in one place this way.

Transparency and involving employees in the recruitment

It is important that the recruitment process is transparent. As the steps of the recruitment process may vary for different positions, the Recruitment module allows you to specify the activities for each current call for applications (review of applications by the HR department, review of applications by the manager, job interview, etc.).

Several employees can be involved in the selection of a new team member. In eHRM, they are tasked with additional CV screening or taking part in job interviews, for example. Other participants, besides the manager, can give their assessments and record their opinion on the candidates.

A comprehensive view of individual candidates is also available and it shows what stage of the selection process the candidate is at. To make work even simpler, candidate cards, which represent the candidates, can be easily moved between activities using the drag and drop function.

The Recruitment module digitizes and simplifies the recruitment process, ensuring greater transparency of activities for each call for applications.

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