Unified communication point for every employee



  • Keep all employees up-to-date – regardless of their current location and without additional technological requirements.
  • A transparent and user-friendly presentation of key information for work.
  • The ability to communicate with all employees via personal mobile devices (including drivers and other off-site workers).
  • Setting up a single point of entry for disseminating information through a database from different systems.
  • Setting up a single point of entry for all the tools used by employees for work.


  • Digital Agora is an easy-to-use, transparent and secure solution for communicating with all employees that is also accessible via mobile devices.
  • A central channel for unified communication with employees (regardless of their role or location) that allows information to be adapted to individuals or groups.
  • Easy extensibility or upgradability of the solution with additional functionalities and content.
  • A multilingual communication channel suitable for company operations in different markets.
  • Single point of entry, an application and tool tray used by employees for work. i. »pladenj« aplikacij in orodij, ki jih pri delu uporabljajo zaposleni.


  • Improved information sharing with all employees means that they have all the information necessary to do their job, leading to greater productivity.
  • A single point of entry makes the work environment more organized, while applications and tools used by employees are more quickly accessible and centrally managed (e.g. when changing the location of an application, etc.).
  • The company is able to more readily and efficiently manage its workforce by communicating with all employees.
  • Greater engagement and loyalty of employees to the company.

About the client

Nomago is the largest tour operator and mobility provider in Slovenia. It primarily aims to offer each individual or group mobility services that are always readily available, personal and pleasant, and adapted to the expectations of a modern digital society. With more than 1000 employees, Nomago is a modern, employee- and user-friendly company that prioritizes digitized business, geared towards the needs and wishes of the user.

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Using this communication solution, we were able to connect people at different locations. We increased employee engagement and improved company loyalty this way, which allowed us to achieve our initial objective.
Borut Puklavec, PhD, Director of IT Strategy, Nomago d.o.o.
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