Digitalization as a key step towards improved forest management

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Slovenski državni gozdovi (SiDG)


  • Insufficient information support in forestry and sales.
  • Accumulation of data in Excel spreadsheets that are difficult to manage.
  • Extensive paper-based processes.
  • Impaired work in areas with no network access.


  • A web application for comprehensive management and monitoring of forestry and sales processes.
  • A modern platform that enables upgrades and the adaptation of processes to changes within the company.
  • A standardized database that is easily accessible to all employees.
  • A mobile application which supports the work of foresters even in areas with no network connection.


  • Entering and storing data in one place allows for a greater transparency of forestry and sales processes.
  • With a unified database, planning various activities in accordance with the company’s operations is simpler and more efficient.
  • The Merilec mobile application simplifies the work of dispatchers managing forest wood assortments and supports paperless business operations.
  • About the client

    The company Slovenski državni gozdovi d.o.o. (SiDG) was established in 2016 and manages around 240 thousand hectares of state-owned forest land. Its goal is to achieve sustainable, environmentally friendly and versatile forest management, promote the processing and treatment of wood, and to strengthen the development of the domestic timber industry. In addition to logging, it also carries out silvicultural and protective measures, maintenance and construction work on forest infrastructure, and various other activities to ensure the improvement of the social and ecological functions of forests.

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In line with our mission, the SiDG strives to use modern technologies for exemplary forest management. Therefore, the digitalization of forestry and sales was a necessity. Agitavit's experts understood our needs and helped us with their professionalism.
Aleš Kadunc Director of the SiDG
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