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Automatic servis

In the modern business world, effective internal communication is key to a successful organization. Automatic servis faced internal communication challenges resulting from the company’s growth and changing organizational culture. Traditional communication channels were not sufficient to reach all employees. Therefore, the company was looking for a solution that would enable more systematic, transparent and two-way communication.


  • Modern and secure platform to inform all employees (regardless of their position or work location).
  • Excellent mobile experience through good design and functionalities for mobile devices.
  • Insights into the actual usage of the platform through comprehensive analytics.
  • Cloud-based platform based on Microsoft Azure.


  • All office and field employees have access to corporate information anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
  • Employee interaction on the platform increases month over month.
  • Employees have access to personal electronic documents such as pay stubs, vacation pay notices, tax and Christmas bonus notices via their mobile device.
  • Immediate and targeted information for employees about new products in the sales portfolio.

About the client

Automatic servis is a leading provider of vending services on the Slovenian market. With more than three decades of experience in automated retail, the company has the most extensive network of vending machines in Slovenia. With their sophisticated quality control system, they provide a first-class service and ensure safe moments for their users outside their homes – 24/7. After a thorough and exhaustive audit of various aspects of the company’s operations by the prestigious international association ICERTIAS, the company was awarded the prestigious “Customers’ Friend” certificate for first-class vending services in June 2023. As the first recipients of this certificate for the vending industry in Europe, they received further confirmation that their efforts to provide an excellent user experience are reaching where it matters most.

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When I discovered Digital Agora, I knew it was the solution to our challenges. In addition to the functionality of the platform, it was important that we got along well with the vendor's team, because we believe that both a good product and a good relationship are important for the success of the project.
Irena Intihar Human resources director, Automatic servis
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