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The Internet of Things is changing our lives. Smart devices are becoming increasingly more connected between themselves and, as such, are changing our everyday life. Automated communication between physical devices, machines and systems brings companies almost infinite opportunities to improve their efficiency, increase profitability and introduce innovative business models.

Discover the value that smart devices offer, and digitally transform your business. You are supported by the SensIoT cloud platform for connecting, monitoring and managing smart devices. It acquires data from sensors, provides them with an overview, in-depth analysis and predictive analytics, and in this way offers you control of services while increasing efficiency and the basis for strategic decisions.

Our services

Consulting and management of IoT projects

We analyze the client’s environment and business model and plan the IoT solution based on the SensIoT platform, which will improve the client's business. Together with the client, we set project goals and metrics for performance monitoring. We conduct activities and communication with all stakeholders on the project.

Design and development of custom solutions with elements of the IoT-architecture

We plan the IoT project architecture, which includes sensors, a communication network with sensors, a database, a reporting system and analytics, and a portal for management as well as a portal for end users.
We create a specification for a solution that defines the user interface and the performance of applications and optimization algorithms. We develop a solution, introduce it to the client, monitor its operation and adjust it based on the collected data for optimal operation.

The SensIoT smart platform for smarter management of devices and services

Get the highest added value from your smart devices. The SensIoT platform uses cloud-based technology to exploit the possibilities offered by smart sensors and smart technologies to securely connect devices. It offers analytical tools for useful insights into the collected data, and with various graphic reviews, it provides visual insights for simpler and immediate analysis. A friendly and flexible application is available to users that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

With the SensIoT platform you can:
• optimize workflows and increase their efficiency,
• reduce costs,
• improve the quality of your services,
• reduce the number and time spent to handle user complaints,
• offer your customers an insight into the performance of your services.

SensIoT is based on Microsoft Azure, one of the leading platforms for the Internet of Things. Together with the IoT Hub components for capturing data from sensors, Event Hub, Stream Analytics and Machine Learning to process the collected data, the WabApps component for easy presentation of data, analyses and newly learned information to users on any device covers the entire life cycle of projects for smart device management and service.

SensIoT provides stand-alone smart waste containers management solutions (SensIoT Waste) and water meters (SensIoT Water) to help you efficiently plan the emptying of containers at the ecological collection points and have control over water use. The Platform SensIoT can also be adapted for use in other areas – agriculture, production, logistics, etc.

SensIoT Waste solution: With smart discharge of waste containers, a step towards a cleaner environment

Pre-planned waste collection routes are financially wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. Trucks driving on the same paths to discharge containers that are not filled to the top use unnecessarily large quantities of fuel and time, while full containers remain full outside of their pick-up time. This leads to unnecessary spending of public finances, excessive burdens on the environment, dissatisfied users and a general lack of efficiency.

Waste management offers new opportunities in the field of the Internet of Things, through which companies can perform their services more efficiently. By installing sensors with low energy consumption and long durability in traditional containers, they can monitor the fullness of the containers, their location and safety, thus optimizing the waste trash routes and improving the quality of the entire service.

With the SensIoT Waste solution you can
• timely inspect the state of the fullness of containers on the map and plan optimized paths for their discharge;
• analyze trends in filling and emptying the containers;
• be notified in good time about extraordinary events;
• reduce the costs, time and energy required for waste management.

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With smart discharge of waste containers, a step towards a cleaner…

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Pre-planned waste collection routes are financially wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. Waste management offers new opportunities in the field of the Internet of Things, through which companies can perform their services more efficiently. Learn more about solution SensIoT Waste.

SensIoT Water solution: Smart water management for a better future

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources in the world, but is becoming one of the most endangered. With the increasing number of challenges regarding water and wastewater management and the associated costs increase, the role of information technology and related innovation is becoming increasingly important. Combined with new instruments, quantities and types of data obtained, and the need for up-to-date insight anywhere and everywhere, the need for smart water management keeps increasing.

Automatic meter reading at the end-users (customers) effectively addresses the challenges and helps improve the quality of services. The SensIoT Water solution enables the full use of operational data for creating useful insights and improving water management.

With SensIoT Water solution you can
• Timely inspect the information on the correct state of water consumption.
• Be notified in due time of extraordinary events, so you can better plan maintenance work.
• Predict the movement of water demand and better predict long-term demand, thus ensuring good supply.
• Detect the amount of leakage in the water supply network and take precautionary measures more quickly.
• Network users receive billing according to actual consumption, without undue reading of the meters at their place.
• Implement targeted campaigns for wise use of water.

"We wanted to test if we could optimize waste discharge and better plan the transportation routes in order to reduce costs and environmental pollution. We trusted the execution of a pilot project to experts from Agitavit, who convinced us with their understanding of our needs and knowledge of the specifics of our branch."

Jadranka Novoselc, Head of Control, Quality and Development at Komunala Brežice

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