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Automation of the task of granting access rights upon the arrival of a new employee or their reallocation or departure. Enable temporary access to a business partner or a contractor. Simple and secure resetting of a forgotten password.

We at Agitavit Solutions will help you establish comprehensive control over the entire life cycle of a digital identity using the Microsoft Identity Management 2016 and Omada Identity Suite tools.

Introduction of the identity management system will ensure compliance with the company’s security policies. Your data security will be increased, your monitoring and control of employees’ rights in individual applications and information systems will also improve, and you will remove some of the workload of your internal team of IT specialists and improve your colleagues’ productivity.

Our services

Identity and access management

With the use of the Omada Identity Suite or Microsoft Identity Manager technology, together with the Azure Active Directory, we can set up a modern platform to manage digital identities (on-premises or cloud). The solution is introduced gradually since each step brings some benefits in the process. In this way, we challenge the belief that introducing such solutions is expensive and lengthy.

Federation of identities and SSO for cloud services

In hybrid environments where applications are installed on-premises and in the cloud, the assurance of secure accesses is often a great challenge. We set up a single sign-on/SSO from anywhere and at any time, safely and without the need for expensive special-purpose equipment such as VPN or reverse proxy.

Management of mobile devices

With the desire to improve their efficiency, the employees frequently access business data and applications from laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile (including their own) devices.
We guarantee secure and controlled access to your business data by ensuring the protection of devices against viruses, the compliance of software with the organisation’s rules, we enable accesses depending on the device and support the automatic installation and control over the required business applications.

Preventing the loss of sensitive information

The Azure Information Protection is used to protect your e-mail and other documents. This includes the classification and encoding of data, managing the access rights, monitoring their use and disabling the sharing of confidential information via e-mail or its storage in various sections of the cloud.

Audit reports and regular reviews of users’ rights

With the introduction of the module Agitavit Reporting & Attestation for Microsoft Identity Manager 2016, you have a better overview of users’ rights and an up-to-date insight into the history of users and their rights. With reports specially adapted to audit, you can demonstrate compliance with audit requirements.


Our customers and their stories of success

UniCredit Bank

A comprehensive audit trail of users and their rights in UniCredit Bank

Read the case study

“Agitavit upgraded our Microsoft Identity Manager tool with the Attesting & Reporting module which enables periodic, quick and accurate reviewing and management of access rights and the compilation of useful reports. Digital identities of users can now be easily managed in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the regulators.”

Matjaž Batič Finžgar, Head of ICT Infrastructure Unit, UniCredit Banka Slovenija, d.d.

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