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Our customers are choosing tailor-made solutions when they are unable to find suitable ready-made solutions on the market. This usually means support for specific business processes that create added value and provide competitive advantage to companies.

We have years of experience with customized development and have successfully completed more than 60 unique projects for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as international corporations. The Microsoft Gold Application Development competency proves our experience and know-how in this area.

It is important for us to guide the customer through all phases of custom developed project – from the business analysis of requirements, through the solution designing and drafting of specifications, to the implementation, introduction and maintenance of the final solution. We know how to adapt and provide assistance where is it most needed.

Our services

Business analysis and consulting

Based on our experiences, we know how to ask the right questions. We analyze the requirements and prepare the most optimal solutions for your challenges.

Application development

We devise the solution plan, define solution architecture and design the user interface based on practical user experience. We also make sure that the solution is developed in line with good software development practices.

Integration of various systems

The solution is integrated with your existing systems to incorporate it in your existing business processes as much as possible.

Migration and upgrade from a previous version

Support and maintenance

We provide maintenance for our solutions and support end users. We listen to the users’ needs and wishes and enhance the solution with improvements.


Our guiding principle is to be a reliable partner for our customers. This includes high quality and timely solution delivery and assurance that the customer and end users are satisfied with our solution. Agitavit Solutions is Microsoft’s Gold Competency partner for custom development solutions and we ensure the reliability with our team of experienced analysts, project managers, developers and quality assurance team members.

Solution Examples


Operations with business partners (B2B)

Wish to standardise operations with your business partners? Would you like to be able to regularly inform them of your offer and new aspects of your operations?
Containing the catalogue of products and services, the B2B platform is the right solution as it supports orders and complaints processes, and allows for informing and the performance of marketing activities. Through the connection with the back-office and CRM system, it allows for an overview of the processes and data connected with the business partners.


Product information system

Know where to find updated information and documents about your products? Do you spend a lot of time preparing the catalogue of products or sending the required product information to a customer or partner?
The product information system , which is the central database of know-how about your products, is the solution you need. It includes the technical specifications and drawings, marketing descriptions in several languages, photos and videos. The system provides support for internal processes of creation and confirmation of product information and their further publications for different purposes and media.


Managing the product life-cycle

Is the life-cycle process of your products so complex or specific that no solution available on the market supports it?
The support for comprehensively managing the product life-cycle is tailored specifically to your needs. It offers information and process support to various functions of the company and product development phases – from the concept design, analysis, assessment of the ability to implement and sales forecast to the product’s execution and launching on the market.


3D-modelling and product personalisation

Wish to accelerate your sales and offer your clients the opportunity to adjust your products according to their own needs?
You can offer them the system for planning and creating products. The solution comprises an interactive three-dimensional model of the product – buyers use it to enter the parameters of the product, their requests and wishes, and the system then proposes the configuration which best meets the customer’s specific requirements. In the next step, the user can submit the order for the designed product.


Internet of things

Your devices send a great amount of data, but you do not know how to connect them and show them to different users so that they can decide faster and better? Or are you just stepping on the digital train and are planning to set up measurement and monitoring system?
We develop a complete project for you, carry out data capture and analysis, prepare reports and models for forecasting. Read also about Advanced Analytics.


Tailor-made solution

If products in the market fail to meet your requirements and the listed areas do not provide a direct answer to your challenge, we can also offer you the development of a unique IT solution, specifically designed for your needs. We will guide you through the entire process, analyse the situation, offer advice based on the requirements of the solution and finally deliver the solution. We will also provide support during the production period.


Support of internal requests with unified workflows

Want to control the processes of validating different requests?
The solution are electronic forms that you can customize to your needs and connect to workflow. By doing this, you make sure to gain efficiency in validating and managing a variety of internal requests.


Production planning

How to organise individual tasks to maximise their efficiency?
The solution is the system for the planning and optimising production that supports the management of work capacities, schedules and operations, planning and finishing of production, monitoring of implementation, and drafting of reports.

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How to start Internet of Things projects?

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How to start Internet of Things projects?
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The Internet of Things is an area that has emerged as an oucome of the evolution of different devices and Technologies so as to enable…

How do we approach developing solutions?

We analyse the processes and requirements
We begin by analysing the existing state and continue to establish the requirements for the final solution.
We design and plan the solution
In this phase, we prepare the plan for the solution, detailed specifications and the plan for introducing the solution.
Develop and implement
The solution is developed according to the specifications. In most cases, the development is iterative, meaning the customer is able to see and test the solution being developed already during the implementation phase.
Test and integrate
We take care of the quality throughout the project and additionally test the solution at the end. We take care of integration with the existing systems in the customer’s environment and – if necessary – also for the migration of data.
Maintain and adapt
The customer is offered maintenance and support in using the solution. The solution is adapted to the needs in the customer’s business process with the necessary upgrades.

“Never in 20 years have I had the opportunity to work with such an agile, reliable and customer-focused company. Agitavit is a true partner when the achievement of complex business goals is in question.”

Stefan Luhede, NBS - Head Sandoz IT CC R&D, HEXAL AG

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