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eHRM is a human resource solution that fully supports the work with your employees. It combines HR-processes, employees and technology, thus providing effective support for HR management. The solution monitors individuals in the organization; the effective management and development of individuals gives the company a competitive advantage in the market.

eHRM allows the HR department to significantly reduce the time needed for administrative tasks and thus devote itself to strategic value creation projects. The management can access updated personnel information - anywhere, anytime, and on all devices; thus eHRM efficiently supports timely decision-making.

It acts as a central database of all personnel data with numerous workflows, reminders and analytical reports. The solution is flexible, user-friendly and intuitive to use.


Keep track of the most important information at a glance

With eHRM, you can gather information about your employees in one place and access, edit and analyse them at any time - at work, on the road or at home. In this way, all HR processes can be simplified and made faster.

Support the leaders in their leadership role and help the employees achieve their goals

The system of regular, targeted interviews stimulates discussion about the content and goals that are important to the success of individuals and the company. Written agreements and the monitoring of their fulfilment provide an insight into the progress of individuals, teams and the company as a whole.

Develop human resources and plan successions

Build the competence of your employees in a planned and systematic way. The concept of competences and the overview over the investments in employee development allow you to monitor the growth and development of individuals and the increase in the company's intellectual capital. They also help to manage the risks that result from personnel changes.

New talents are discovered faster

Demanding recruitment processes are made easier. eHRM allows you to quickly find the most suitable applicants among the applications, and arrange meetings. The recruitment process can be customised by monitoring recruitment steps, systematically selecting candidates, and managing the candidate database. The history allows you to search for candidates based on sources, which gives the best results.

Detailled insight into HR-information

eHRM provides a series of reports specifically designed to improve the company's business. A graphical presentation of key indicators provides a quick performance overview in terms of specific objectives or business processes, thus enabling a faster and prudent decision-making.

Business advantages

  • Easy and fast access to up-to-date employee information for easier and timely decision-making.
  • Targeted and transparent development of employee competences to achieve selected business objectives.
  • The efficiency of the HR-department is increased due to the faster and more efficient management of personnel processes.
  • Management of employees by objectives to implement the company strategy.
  • Supporting managers to guide and empower employees.
  • Higher employee commitment.
  • Emphasis on strategic value creation projects.
  • A single source of personnel data to minimize errors.




Basic module

Simplifies and accelerates administrative tasks. At any time, you have all the HR information, history and any changes at hand.


Performance management

eHRM provides comprehensive support in planning and reviewing the efficiency and implementation of interviews for employee development planning using the 360-degree employee evaluation methodology.


Management by objectives

This module enables the company’s vision, mission and objectives to be delivered to the employees, and supports effective management by objectives in order to achieve the company's goals.


Competence module

The company’s strategies are projected to the level of the individual, which allows executives and HR-experts to efficiently develop and monitor the progress of their employees.



This module allows to manage training processes using catalogues, and to monitor trainings and their effectiveness with regard to the desired competencies.



Supports the possibility of simulations and calculations of financial rewards for a multi-factor rewards model (achievement of goals, work performance, complexity of work, etc.)



eHRM allows you to quickly find the most suitable applicants among the applications and arrange meetings.


Business intelligence

Current data in the form of tabular or graphical reports are always at your fingertips and give you a quick overview of the intellectual capital, thus enabling real-time decision-making based on real-time data.

We have been digitising HR processes for over 10 years

eHRM has been growing with us for a decade. Agitavit Solutions has begun the first project of the digitization of HR processes in 2006. Since the first version, our HR processes have also been upgraded using the product; this allows us to integrate our own experiences and needs in the area of technological support as well as the recommendations, best practices and wishes of our loyal customers into eHRM.

Due to our many years of experience with such projects, apart from the introduction of the eHRM solution, we also offer advice in the preparation of HR processes and workshops for effective communication and motivation based on the relationship awareness theory.

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