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Nowadays, companies accumulate large amounts of data; they pile up records of business entities and transactions, records from various applications, machines, devices and sensors. Companies’ past activities conceal the know-how from which companies and individuals can draw guidelines for future operations.

Our team of analysts will integrate your data and convert it into valuable tools that will help you plan future business activities. Since we also follow the guideline of accessibility of analytical services for small organisations and individual departments, we offer you, among other things, business models with low start-up costs based on widespread Microsoft cloud solutions, such as Machine Learning and Power BI. An interpretation of data that is understandable and easily accessible to business users will provide you with the information that is key to adopting the correct business solutions and achieving competitive advantages.

We have also obtained the Microsoft Silver Data Analytics competency.

Our services

Forecast analytics

Let your data be more than just a record of time that takes up disk space. We use statistical tools and algorithms that enable us to search for patterns related to your business results within the existing data.

Advanced data analysis

The amounts of work-related data keep piling up. They are like a shadow of your actions and work results. With the appropriate analysis and statistical processing we extract knowledge from your data that is useful to your operations.

Data visualisation

They say that there is no better hiding place than one in plain view. The key data that will turn the business curve upwards and save the day can easily be overlooked if it is located in the 27th row and the 36th column of a large table full of numbers. Your key data should glow in modern colours and attractive forms.

Self-service analytics and reporting

The existing reports do not tell the whole story as you would like, but nobody wants to change them? With the self-service tools, we capture data from existing and new sources, reshape them appropriately and integrate them, and then use them to weave together an attractive interactive story, focusing on the business value.

Analytics and visualisations of the IoT data

The capture of data from a group of independent sensors allows the processes to be regularly monitored and optimised. Our solutions comprise the capture of data, aggregation and statistical processing and presentation of results wherever and whenever you need them.

How do we take on your challenge?

Our assumptions are always based on your business needs and a clearly specified goal. We know how to set the right questions, we listen and we understand, and we always prepare the right solution for you. The project is implemented according to the established project CRISP-DM

Data collection
Data cleansing and processing
Data modelling
Advanced analytics
Reports and data visualisation
Follow up
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