With the hottest topics from HR this is an event you shouldn’t miss on 25th February at the Hotel Crown Plaza in Belgrade. We’re thrilled to be sponsoring and participating the 3rd HRM Congress.

70+ panelists from the most renowned Serbian companies, 14 panel discussions with different HR topics and 500+ attendees – the HRM Congress 2020 will offer not just a fantastic opportunity to stay on the forefront of HR trends ant to connect with peers in Human Resources, but also it will be one of the best moments to keep up with ever-changing technologies in HR.

eHRM part of the Programme

Build a team who can handle challenges of the future. Our HRM Programme Manager Nataša Dremelj will be the speaker on 3rd HRM Congress in Belgrade. She will present our human resources management solution eHRM. At the presentation, Nataša will answer the following questions:

  • How can you support the implementation of the company’s strategy with eHRM?
  • What does it do for you to make work with the employees more efficient?
  • How can you efficiently use the potential of your employees with eHRM?

Presentation of eHRM will be from 12:00 to 12:30pm. See you there!

Learn more about how team eHRM can support you on your way to Digital HR Management: https://www.ehrm.net/en/ehrm-solution/