Under the slogan “Explore HR DNA” HR Week will take place at the end of November, bringing together more than 1,000 participants in one place. The mission of this virtual event is to inspire and connect HR professionals.

HR Week is a premium HR Event consisting of five days with relevant and trending topics in the HR field. This unique program is designed to educate, engage and inspire HR Professionals across the region, providing cutting-edge insights into current best practices and the future of HR. More than 100 lecturers will present their content in five days.

This year’s edition of HR Week will take place between 23. and 27. November 2020. Participants will explore topics: HR day, People-Centric HR, HR Tech, HR Development and C-level day, with special emphasis on virtual networking.

eHRM is among the supporters of this year’s HR Week, and our team will present under the slogan “Build a team for the challenges of the future”. In the virtual exhibition space, participants will be able to get acquainted with the solution for support of human resources processes and ask questions to our experts.