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Elektro Celje

Microsoft Project server as support for project lifecycle


  • Outdated project infrastructure.
  • Management of project initiatives and requrements – lack of clear prioritization and coordination with the strategy.
  • Lack of top-down overview of financial and time project status.
  • Expand the use of tool for manegemnt of all organization projects, not just small energy projects.


  • Migration of information to new Project Server 2013.
  • Implementation of module for need and initiatives management.
  • Reports and project dashboards implementations, that combine information from project management system and other company systems (ERP, Geo Information system).
  • Additional support for management of non-energy projects.


  • Easy and fast access to all project information.
  • Up-to-date reports form consolidated information allow top-down overview over financial and time project status.
  • Reduced response time for extreme events (delays, financial overruns.
  • Standardized needs and initiatives management.
  • Preparation of the annual budget on the basis of a comprehensive report about initiatives.

About the customer

Elektro Celje is one of the biggest companies for electricity distribution in Slovenia; provides reliable, high-quality, cost-effective and enviromentally friendly supply of electricty and implementation of related services.

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