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Komunala Brežice

Internet of Things

Managing the waste containers network



  • Optimize the planning of waste discharge routes from ecological islands.
  • Get an overview over the fullness of containers.
  • Keeping records and quantities of collected waste was monitored in simple spreadsheets.
  • Heads of waste monitoring services did not have actual data on the amount of waste and the efficacy of emptying.
  • The management did not have up-to-date information or had nothing to compare them with so that they could assess if hey were working effectively.
  • Development of multilingual intranet portal on platform SharePoint 2013 in English, Russian and Armenian.


  • Customized Smart Waste and Water Management solution – network of waste containers.


  • Receiving information on the fullness of containers and checking the existing discharge system.
  • Planning and optimizing the route of containers.
  • Up-to-date information on the cost of route and ongoing monitoring of the company’s performance.

About the customer

Komunala Brežice is an innovative, socially responsible and environmentally friendly company whose main task is to ensure a high quality living in a healthy and clean environment. Many efforts are devoted to raising awareness among users about the limited natural resources and promoting sustainable
management and reuse. The mission of the Komunala Brežice is the sustainable provision of high-quality public utility services to all users of the Brežice municipality under the same conditions and fair prices. High ethical and moral standards, honest and respectful relationships with users, employees and other stakeholders are crucial for the company.

"We wanted to test if we could optimize waste discharge and better plan the transportation routes in order to reduce costs and environmental pollution. We trusted the execution of a pilot project to experts from Agitavit, who convinced us with their understanding of our needs and knowledge of the specifics of our branch."

Jadranka Novoselc, Head of Control, Quality and Development at Komunala Brežice