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Electronic Message board for Mercator's stores on Microsoft SharePoint


  • Efficient delivery of important commercial updates and other information to distributed stores.
  • Feedback gathering from their stores.


  • Centralized, user-friendly portal for creating and sharing commercial updates and other information.
  • Targeted communication with stores.
  • User-friendly form to gather store’s feedback; fast and efficient review of all gathered feedback.
  • Automated creation of daily “newsletter”, which contains all daily updates and is automatically sent to the stores.


  • Higher store productivity, because they receive only relevant information.
  • Real-time access to store’s feedback.
  • Efficient tracking which content is being opened and red.

About the customer

The Mercator Group is with more than 1400 retail stores and 2,6 Billion EUR yearly net income one of the largest corporate groups in Slovenia, as well as the entire region of South-eastern Europe. The primary and most important activity of the Mercator Group is the retail of fast-moving consumer goods, complemented by a range of supplementary services.

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