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UniCredit Bank

A comprehensive audit trail of users and their rights in UniCredit Bank



  • Manual and time-consuming annual review of user rights.
  • Lack of overview of access and user rights – who has rights allocated (removed/changed), when and for what reason.
  • Time-consuming preparation of accesses reports (current and past status) for auditors.


  • Agitavit FIM/MIM Reporting & Attestation module.
  • Easy overview of users’ rights.
  • Support for annual access examination.
  • Pre-priprared reports for auditors and IT-administrators.
  • Integration of the old and new identity management systems.
  • Advanced reports for fast detection of potential data anomalies and errors.


  • Quick annual review of rights without paper and pencil.
  • Insight into the history of users and the rights granted indefinitely.
  • Ongoing prevention of unauthorized access and reduced risk.
  • Easy demonstration of compliance with audit requirements.

About the customer

UniCredit Bank d.d. is one of the largest banks in Slovenia. It is part of UniCredit Group, one of Europe's leading commercial banks, which operates in 16 countries. Its business network covers approximately 50 markets with more than 125,000 employees. In Slovenia, the Bank has more than 550 employees.

“Agitavit upgraded our Microsoft Identity Manager tool with the Attesting & Reporting module which enables periodic, quick and accurate reviewing and management of access rights and the compilation of useful reports. Digital identities of users can now be easily managed in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the regulators.”

Matjaž Batič Finžgar, Head of ICT Infrastructure Unit, UniCredit Banka Slovenija, d.d.

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