AmCham Slovenia searches for and rewards the best business practices under the framework of the programme Best of the Best.With the project “Smart Management of Waste as a Step Towards a Cleaner Environment”, in cooperation with the public utilities company Brežice, we won first place in the Innovation section, and thus, we classify for the finale of Best of the Best for the best practices of 2019.

AmCham’s project Best of the Best has been highlighting, presenting and rewarding the best business practices for five consecutive years. They believe that exceptional projects and best business practices introduce new skills, approaches, products, processes and business models into the Slovenian business area in an innovative way.

“In the last five years, more than 110 projects participate in the project Best of the Best. Every year there is a lot of competition in the Innovation section. Many business practices indicate that the Slovenian business community is innovative and creative – this holds true for products, sustainable innovative business models and social innovation”, stressed the organizers.

The title of The Best in the Innovation group and thus classification for the final selection of The best practice in 2019 was awarded by the public and Best Practice Academy and an active listener to our project “Smart Management of Waste as a Step Towards a Cleaner Environment”, which has been carried out in cooperation with Public utilities company Brežice.

After having won our team thanked to all who had voted for them and added that environment protection is an important topic, which has to be highlighted all over again. ” At the same time we would like to stress the proper classification and disposal of waste, and we will continue to strive to improve our working process and environemntal conditions in the country, ” underlined Mr. Marko Ferenčak from the Public utilities company Brežice.

In the Innovation group, two other projects were presented:
• BTC: BTC Living Lab – City As a Lab,
• Bajda: Bajda-Ultra Vergin.

As the winners of the Innovation group, we will compete with the winners of the Motivation and Integration group for the title of the best business practice of 2019 – Best of the Best 2019 at the end of the year.


Do you want to learn more about the project? You are invited to read the case study Managing the waste containers network.