According to the Bisnode credit rating agency, this year we were classified into the highest credit rating class AAA, which confirms the reliability and credibility of Agitavit for cooperation.  Thus, in Slovenia, we are among the 6.8 percent of the best businesses.  We achieved the AAA credit rating excellence in the past two years as well.

The top AAA credit rating excellence was reached by 11,440 out of the 167,703 registered companies in Slovenia, but in our general division (Computer consultancy activities), only by 200 of the registered 1,397 companies. The credit rating excellence represents an above-average credit rating value of business entities. It predicts security of operation in the next twelve months and places us among the most reliable, credible and low-risk companies. For our partners, this European-recognised reference for financial activity makes decision-making easier and faster, with lower risk.  It is based on the financial reports of the entities for the last financial year and consists, inter alia, of the assessment of solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness and profitability.


Credit rating excellence for Agitavit Solutions.