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Agitavit Product Information Management
+ Business to Business Portal


Solution Agitavit PIM + B2B Portal provides complete and efficient management of information about your products and its integration with company business processes.


Managing Product Information

Management of information about company products and their components is a time consuming and complicated task, because this information is often scattered or unrelated.

Poor product information management can have undesirable consequences:

  • incomplete, duplicated or complex orders from partners and customers,
  • failure to meet sales potential because customers don’t have all the relevant information,
  • higher sales costs and longer sales cycles due to manual data collection and pairing of information,
  • inconsistent presentation of products on various sales channels.

​​Solution Agitavit PIM + B2B Portal

Solution Agitavit Product Information Management + Business to Business Portal allows for easy classification, management and distribution of business and technical information about your products and their components and integrates this information into all relevant business processes. Because all information about a product is available through a single point of access, the data is always relevant and accurate. Correct management of product information is essential for the process of automated procurement, with which partners and customers can easily find and order the right product or spare part, any time.

By using Agitavit PIM + B2B Portal, your products and their components are described in detail together with interactive schematics, pictures or other means of visualization. Because customers and partners have a clear view of what they are ordering, the number of erroneous orders and related problems (unclear or incomplete order data, duplicate orders, returning of ordered products) declines substantially.

Controlled and organized information about products increases quality and efficiency of your partner network and reduces the amount of administrative, marketing and sales department work.

Business Value

Solution Agitavit PIM + B2B Portal provides added business value:

  • arranged and complete information about any product, that is accessible anytime and anywhere through a single point,
  • easy integration of product information with sales, production and development processes, allowing
    • clear view of procurement and intended delivery times, allowing your company to effectively manage sales and purchase procedures,

    • shorter sales cycles and lower cost of sales,

    • automated sales process that reduces the number of errors in procurement, increases customer satisfaction and reduces the number of complaints.

​Modular Solution

Solution Agitavit PIM + B2B Portal is modular. Enterprises can connect different components based on their requirements:

  • Agitavit Product Information Management (Agitavit PIM) - System for management of product information. It allows you to store, edit, manage and visualize product information. It allows product information to be synchronized with other components of the solution or other information systems through a set of interfaces.
  • Agitavit B2B Portal - Portal for partners, where they can access all information about products and updates, submit orders and monitor their status, have an insight into the status of issued invoices and terms of payment, submit warranty claims and track their resolution.
  • Agitavit B2C Portal - Portal for end customers, where they get up to date information on products, novelties and their local distribution network.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Operating system for finance, accounting, financial controlling, warehouse management, production planning and supply chain management. We can easily integrate our solutions with your company’s existing ERP solution.
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