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Custom Development

Custom developed software is developed for a single customer and accommodates that customer's particular preferences and expectations.

Agitavit received the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award for Custom Development which proves that we have the credibility and ability to successfully complete Custom Software Development projects.

​​​Why Agitavit

​To be successful in Custom Software Development Agitavit has to understand customers and their business first. It is crucial to identify and understand why the customer is unique. Business Analysis and System Analysis are the starting points for successful Custom Development projects. Efficient software development processes, highly skilled people and team motivation are necessary for successful project implementations.

Projects are risky by their nature, because they are unique, but Custom Development projects represent even a higher risk. Agitavit knows how to overcome the gap between design and execution, which consequently makes projects cheaper and shorter, establishes highly motivated team and significantly increases the odds of project success. Agitavit minimizes the risk of Custom Software Development because we understand the business domain, we have expertise and ability to execute, we fulfill promises and expectations and we deliver projects on time and within budget.

We are “Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year Finalist” and “Central and Eastern Europe Winner” for Custom Development.



We have highest financial ratings, high ethical standards and long-term commitment to our customers.

We are Microsoft Partner with Gold competency for Custom Development.


Adapting to your needs

By choosing Agito’s custom development you will get a solution that will be totally customized to your business and the goal of introducing new software. This will help you maintain your competitive advantages much easier and make full of use your 'know-how'. The solution itself will also be much more efficient than it would by opting for general software.


​A program package with a renowned name and a long reference list, which should be the guarantee for suitability, is often too general. This is why it requires numerous configurations, expensive adjustments and long and tiring implementations. Every little upgrade and consultancy represents an extra cost. With every new platform version you will probably have to adjust, even if you don’t want or need to. You can quickly find yourself in a situation when you don't know how to move on because you have put a lot of time and money into purchasing and implementing the software. Discontent in the company grows by the day and triggers a wave of accusations because no one wants to take the blame or responsibility. 




Our know how

With top-class know-how to unlimited solutions that solve even the most insolvable problems. Our solutions are designed for fastidious users who have high expectations and frequently require specific know-how and functionality, regardless of their working field and location.


Our approach

To be successful in Custom Software Development Agitavit has to understand customers and their business first. It is crucial to identify and understand why the customer is unique.

​ ​


​Reasons for custom developed software

I have an innovative business idea that needs unique software, which can satisfy its needs in the best possible way.


Our company has a specific, complex problem or process that we can barely handle (with Excel's spread sheets, paperwork, and verbal communication). This method of work is very restrictive.


We have an information system that was written for us years ago. Today it is outdated, slow and fails to serve its purpose. Sometimes it obstructs our business rather than supporting it.


We have an information system that supports the majority of our needs, but we also have a few urgent needs that we wish we could support, but we don't exactly know how.


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