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SharePoint Components

The entry point for all systems cannot be a static page. The portal is a dynamic and flexible entity which allows personalization on user level or to a group of users. Users in different roles have different needs and require different information. Because of this, part of the portal has to be adjustable and has to enable modification to specific user needs (for example information about the weather, key links, schedules, KPI indicators, calendars or any other information). At Agitavit we can implement key applications that are crucial for users work, so called “Killer Applications”.

DAT Online

Experience Document Awareness Tracking at its finest. DAT Online assures the right documents are read and acknowledged by the right employees in a controllable manner.

More information about this product is available on web page DAT Online.


Agitavit Wiki

Unmanaged meetings are longer, less efficient and generate fewer results. These problems result in wasted time and frustration. Make your meetings count with Agitavit Wiki. This web-based solution helps you increase visibility, drive accountability, streamline meeting procedures and save costs.


Agitavit eMeetings 3 – a modern and advanced solution for managing meetings

Do you waste your time in poorly organized meetings? You don’t have control over the discussions/agreements at the meetings?

Agitavit has developed an agile solution for managing decision-making meetings and working groups, based on the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform.



​Agitavit Organization Chart

Agitavit Organization Chart is a SharePoint based component used for displaying the structure of the company.

The key functionalities of the component are:

  • Out of the box back-end integration with Agitavit eHRM system.
  • API for integrating with custom HRM solutions.
  • Hierarchical display of the organization tree with zoom-in / zoom-out and printing capabilities.
  • Drill-down the organization tree by selecting tree nodes.
  • Organization unit member listings based on the selected organization tree node.
  • Search people and organization units.

Agitavit Resource Reservation

Inside every organization, there exist certain resources that require scheduled usage. Some classic examples of such resources are meeting rooms, company vehicles, literature etc.

What those seemingly very different resources have in common is that in the same period of time, a resource cannot be shared (used by more than one person/group), therefore some kind of a reservation management system is required. Agitavit Resource Reservation is a SharePoint based system for reserving resources and managing reservations.

The key functionalities of the component are:

  • Display existing reservations in a day view or a week view.
  • Controls to navigate to the next and previous period, as well as to jump to a date are provided.
  • Group reservations by resources to easily find available periods.
  • Add a new reservation.
  • Start and end date of the reservation are automatically validated to prevent overlapping.
  • Edit and delete existing reservations.
  • E-mail notifications for users and managers.


​Security for SharePoint

Agitavit SecurityCenter for SharePoint is a solution which enforces compliance with security policies, enables audit trails and gives you total control over your SharePoint portal.

Agitavit Security Center for SharePoint introduces comprehensive overview and control over permissions, helping you meet prescribed legislation, internal regulations and auditing requirements. With Self-Service processes in Agitavit Security Center for SharePoint IT department and content owners will be relieved from routine tasks of granting permissions and creating new sites from templates, giving them more time to focus on further growth and quality of your SharePoint service. These routine tasks are performed by Self-Service processes themselves as a final step in the approval process. This automation also ensures that correct site and permissions templates are used for a specific site and that permissions are applied according to your security policies.

The solution contains:

  • Reports that enable comprehensive overview and control over your SharePoint environment.
  • Notifications for violations of security policies. Providing a way to identify and overcome them in a timely fashion.
  • Change tracking and audit trails.
  • Self-service processes for managing your SharePoint environment. Significantly relieving IT department workload and lowering maintenance costs.


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