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​Project Server Applications

The entry point for all systems cannot be a static page. The portal is a dynamic and flexible entity which allows personalization on user level or to a group of users. Users in different roles have different needs and require different information. Because of this, part of the portal has to be adjustable and has to enable modification to specific user needs (for example information about the weather, key links, schedules, KPI indicators, calendars or any other information). At Agitavit we can implement key applications that are crucial for users work, so called “Killer Applications”.

Template engine

The Template engine is an add-on solution for the SharePoint platform and Project Server, which simplifies and speeds up the creation of typical documents (forms) in the company.

Template engine  properties:

  • preparation of templates (Word, Excel),
  • easy to use template documents located in the SharePoint document libraries and available from the drop-down list,
  • generating documents which merges information from the SharePoint and / or Project Server (one-time data entry into the system and documents),
  • storing documents in a predetermined (selected) folders,
  • standardization of documents,
  • versioning and simultaneous editing of documents by multiple users (SharePoint functionality).

Risk Registry

The Risk Registry is the perfect solution for the Project Server platform, which enables the creation of a risk register at the company or at corporate level and thereby assists project managers in identifying possible risks that might jeopardize the project.

Risk Registry properties:

  • list of individual risks with  title and description
  • list of preventive measures,
  • list of corrective actions for the control of the realized risk,
  • categorization of risks,
  • automatic transfer of data from the Risk Registry into the list of risks for each project on the Project Server. 


Risk Matrix

Risk Matrix is a web application for the Project Server platform, which graphically displays risks of each project in a PI matrix.

Risk Matrix properties:

  • displays the number of risks for each area, its probability and impact,
  • displays the individual risks for the selected area,
  • adding the application to the project site of the project.

Project Checklist

The Project checklist is a solution for the Project Server platform which simplifies the work of the project managers and other key stakeholders of the project. It shows all project requirements for each project type and requires that a project manager actively indicates, which activities were performed. This solution enables performing all of the tasks, based on the company methodology.

Project checklist properties:

  • checklist based on the project type,
  • display of specific requirements of the checklist depending on the status of the project,
  • checklist status based on the project status, compliance with the checklist by the project stakeholders,
  • registration comments,
  • audit trail of who and when the requirement was included in the checklist,
  • ensures that the project moves onto the next stage only after the completion of the previous checklist item.

Project Numbering

Component Project Numbering is the solution for the Microsoft Project server platform allowing automatic numbering of projects.

Especially beneficial in companies which have large number of projects.

Numbering projects properties:

  • serial number entry when creating a project,
  • possible use of additional characters in the project number,
  • possibility of numbering according to the type of project.

Status Reports

Status Reports is a solution for SharePoint platform and Project Server for simple and periodic reports, which enable effective oversight and control over project portfolio.

Status report properties:

  • generating periodic reports, which must be filled out by project stakeholders,
  • easy to use reporting flags (dates, costs, requirements, general conditions),
  • standard layout reports on all projects,
  • descriptive status entry under various sections of the report,
  • import of risks and active tasks,
  • transfer of status fields to views in Project Server.

​Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard enables a quick overview of the various phases of the project in one place. Provides insight into milestones, status reports, risks, favorite links and traffic lights (showing the status of the project).


The Escalation application will monitor special events which will occur on the projects. The application sends e-mail notifications on exceptional events. If the status of the event after the expiration interval does not improve, the component resends the reminder. The application notifies Project Leaders in advance, allowing proper actions to be taken.

​Timesheet Reminder

Timesheet Reminder component will notify you if your work hours have not been entered.

After several days of missed time entry, the system will send an e-mail reminder and finally if there is still no time entry, a notification will be send to the superior.

This component is excellent because it persuades employees to write their hours regularly into the timesheet. Consequently, project managers have a better understanding of actual work and can manage their projects more effectively.

The component also works on Project Online.


Week number app

The Week Number App displays the week number for the selected task. It calculates the week number for the planned, actual and baseline categories for start and finish dates.

The app supports different settings for determining the first week of the year as well as settings for the first day of the week. The app is simple to use. The user only needs to set the desired date format and week numbering options in the settings menu and the app is ready to go! The information is then displayed in the task pane. Week Number App is appropriate for Project Users which need to communicate with others project stakeholders in week number. This is commonly used in automotive, pharmaceutical industry and others.

WeekNumber App is available for free from Microsoft Office store. For on premise installation please contact us on


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