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Agitavit eManufacturing

Agitavit eManufacturing is the perfect solution for development and management of products’ bill of materials and the associated technological processes and for planning and tracking of manufacturing processes (execution in production plants), while also allowing for expansion and enhanced opportunities that are adapted to the specific needs of the manufacturing businesses. 

​​How does the system work?


​In the production planning phase the system optimises the arrangement of production operations on a particular machine or worker on the basis of the data on work orders, which is imported from the business system (ERP; for example Navision, Axapta, SAP, BAAN…) and the data on bills of materials and the technological processes. This makes the production cycle shorter and optimises resource consumption, as the need for changing tools or material is minimised and the machines are better utilised thanks to the integration of equal or similar operations.

Modules for production scheduling enable capture of data on realization of the production process, conclusion of individual operations and provide information on special events (e.g. machine malfunction).The system reconsiders all of the data when planning operations in real time.

The system is a part of the so called APS ('Advanced Planning and Scheduling') and MES ('Manufacturing Execution Systems') which today’s systems don't support appropriately or support very 'rigidly'.

We adjust the system to the specifics of production logic of every individual company, then integrate it closely with its existing information systems (ERP, warehouse…) and link it to the production lines, machines or workers.

The production planning system also enables integration with the product planning system, from where the data on bills of materials and technology process is gathered.


​​What business value does a production system bring?

  • Product planning (bills of materials and technological processes).
  • Production planning.
  • Production optimisation.
  • Tracking the realization of production processes.
  • Defining and tracking capacities and their respective downtime (refits, sickness, holidays, malfunctions…), including work schedules and shifts.
  • Optimal use of production resources and capacities.
  • Higher productivity.
  • Better insight into the state of production and material availability.
  • Less waste.
  • Shorter reaction time for special sales events (urgent orders) and production incidents (breakdowns and other obstructions).
  • Less mistakes in planning and in production.
  • Extracted data (employees, machines, materials, orders, products, execution…) is the basis for analytical tools which provide new information for new production optimisation.

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