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Agitavit Reporting for FIM for auditors and executives

A modern identity & access reporting solution should in a straightforward way provide answers to questions such as:
  • Which SAP roles did Peter from Accounting have last June?
  • Who approved these roles for him and when?
  • Who else had similar permissions at the time?


Agitavit Reporting for FIM was designed with questions like these in mind and was based on actual experience from users and security auditors that use the reports regularly.


Advanced tool for aggregating user permissions

Agitavit Reporting for FIM also includes a matrix report showing user permissions based on their job position in the company. By visualizing these permissions through a matrix, one can easily identify “rogue” permissions or users – permissions that are only assigned to one user out of many with the same job position or users that lack a permission that everybody else at the same job position has.


Agitavit Reporting for FIM is an excellent tool for effortless exploring of users and their permission due to the level of interactivity the reports provide. One can easily switch between group membership and user permissions via hyperlinks in the reports.

Example: We are interested in the history of a specific user. Open the user list report and either find the user in the list or filter the list by entering a few letters of his name. Clicking on the user, the report will display all his related data (role membership, changes to user attributes …). From the list of his roles, select one of them and immediately you can see the role details report, showing other members of this role. Click another member, and you are back to the report now showing details and role membership of this user.



Why standard FIM reports are not sufficient?


  • Out of the box (OOTB) FIM Reporting solution requires a minimum of two separate servers to run on and requires installation and configuration of System Center Service Manager and the ETL process, which is a tedious task prone to errors Extending the reporting schema is complex and time-consuming, resulting in higher support costs.
  • Outdated, non-interactive user interface.
  • Information provided in the OOTB reports is primarily targeting IT administrators, not security auditors or business users.


Why Agitavit Reporting for FIM?

  • The reports are designed specifically with security auditors and CIOs in mind.
  • Lightweight hardware and software requirements, easy to install and maintain.
  • Based on industry standard architecture: MS SQL Server and SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Comes with an intuitive matrix style permissions report, designed for business roles and RBAC analysis.
  • Because of the interactive design, browsing through the user permissions in various systems is a breeze.

​Read more information about Agitavit Reporting for FIM on product webpage:


To webpage IAM Reports


IAM system - why implement it?

The main benefits of having an IAM system in place are:

  • Centralized management of users and their permissions across different IT systems.
  • By requesting and approving permissions through pre-defined business processes, business owners, instead of IT administrators, decide who should have access to their data.
  • Audit trail of the changes in user permissions.
  • Allows synchronization of passwords between different (unrelated) IT systems.
  • Allows users to reset forgotten passwords on their own, reducing the workload of IT department.
IT systems admins spend too much of their time on purely routine tasks involving management of permissions and access inside individual systems, such as Active Directory, mail server, portal environment, manufacturing system, physical access to the premises ... As the size of a company and its IT infrastructure grows, so does the complexity of such tasks resulting in greater workload for the IT department and lower security.

Compliance with regulatory standards, traceability, sensitive data protection as well as responsiveness of IT support all start to suffer as the number of identity and access related tasks grows. Without a centralized system to bring this under control, companies risk increased IT costs and lower security.

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