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Human Resource Management

Agitavit Human Resources Management system is a HR system with advanced frameworks for comprehensive management of HR, including People Administration, managing Company Work Structures, Recruitment, Performance Management, Compensation Management, Learning Management, Leave Management, Work Cost Evaluation, Integration of eHRM with other systems, Business Intelligence (BI), Expert System, Dashboard, Travel orders, Employee and manager SelfService.

​Key features

  • Workflows, approval management.
  • Traceability of key data changes.
  • Multilingualism and localization to different local (state) legislation.
  • Support for organizational structure; corporations and business concerns in different locations and countries.
  • E-mail Notifications for important dates (e.g. termination of contracts, expiration of licenses, birthdays, medical exams...).
  • Internal document storage.
  • Audit trail of all changes to documents, organizations, jobs and people.
  • Reports in various formats (Word, Excel, PDF), which are suitable for further processing.
  • Depending on the customer requests, the solution enables employees to access certain data (for example, only to their own data), processes and functionalities, in accordance with individual's roles, rights and responsibilities. 


People Management     

People Management as part of Core HR supports the employment, termination and re-assignment of employees of different types (employees, external, students, contractors…). Because of the administrative nature of this module, there are a lot of functionalities for mass actions, automating processes as much as possible. The ability to prepare mass action document preparation such as employee contracts, leave calculations and more.



Company Work Structure Management  

The Solution supports the maintenance of various information in regards to organizational units and job positions (head of unit, contacts, costs and locations, job tasks, responsibilities, job valuation...) as well as information regarding competencies and company objectives. The solution features an easy to use drag and drop functionality for reorganization of the company with automatic preparation of contracts.

​​Competence Model

The eHRM application enables the implementation of a company’s own competence model. The ability to apply required competences to multiple job positions with a click of a button. The achieved competences get automatically transferred to performance management reviews where they are assessed.




​Performance Management

The System enables a company to manage  an individual's development or their career through efficient monitoring and assessment. Identifying talents, successors and different gaps in skills and competences and achieving goals. Directly contributing to achieving better results.


​​Learning Management

The learning process is a process which ensures adequate skills, abilities, knowledge, e.g. competencies of employees to perform their job. Its purpose is to achieve the objective of "the right people for the right jobs", by enabling career development of individuals. Learning Management allows for succession planning and to fill gaps in skills, knowledge and experiences.


​Leave Management

Leave Management allows employees to plan and request leave, such as vacation, study, maternity or paternity, business trip, training, child care. The approval workflow can be based on the organizational or person hierarchy.



The recruiting module covers preparation of job vacancies (it can be integrated with internal or external job posting sites.), managing of candidates/applicants, selection process with activities (first interview, test, second interview…), which is dynamically defined, and finally decision for employment. Easy one click transfer of applicant data into the Personnel records.


​​Compensation Management

Achieving results usually means the achievement and realization of defined goals and objectives. The difference between achieved and set objectives is therefore a measure of work performance assessment. If objectives are clearly defined, then it is easier to select the right methods for measuring performance and monitoring result accuracy.


​​Work Cost Evaluation

Employee work cost isn't solely represented by his salary, allowances, meal reimbursements, commuting costs or benefits, but as well as by the cost of those values, which result from other processes in the HR field. In order to gain the required information, the system can be integrated with a Financial ERP system or payroll system. 



​Travel orders

This module enables the planning of the organizational resources and realization of travel orders with the ability to track costs. The solution Workflow enables the approval process based on organizational or person hierarchy.



​​Business Intelligence

In every company there is a vast amount of current and especially historical HR data that accumulates and appears to be useless. Using the right approach, it can be turned into a gold mine that provides added value for your company. Business Intelligence (BI), that is available in eHRM, enables your company to do just that.



Dashboard is a graphic display of key indicators in the company (efficiency, success, business goals and processes). The information, accessed through Dashboard, enables more agile and accurate decision making for the top business decision makers. Dashboards are available for different type of organizational roles.


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