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Agitavit Project Management Solution

Agitavit Project Management Solution is a solution for companies who want to effectively manage projects while at the same time simplifying and reducing the cost of system hardware and infrastructure.

Our solution only requires Microsoft Project Standard and a free version of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. 

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​What does Agitavit Project Management solution enable?

​The Solution enables effective project planning and oversight of all projects in one place with central management of resource capacities (staff, equipment, work sited...). Each project has its unified portal site, with possibility of project documentation management and analytical reports in regards to planned and actual realization of the project. Users and project team members are informed through user notification of their daily tasks. Entering actual work (per task), with registration and validation of vacation time requests, is enabled on the portal.

​What is the business value you get?

​Agitavit Project Management solution provides better and more detailed planning and execution of projects, reduces projects risks, optimizes resource workload (optimized resource allocation), increase of client and subscribers satisfaction and reduces time and costs, required for finishing projects. 

​Functionalities and technology

Our Solution combines excellent technological platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Server, Agitavit Project Management Portal and Microsoft Project Standard with associated *.mpp files.

We can implement an integration with ERP systems as well as integration with authentication and access control.

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Server provides new project creation from a template and setup of the project site, central storage of project documentation, user notifications, informing project team members of their daily tasks, entering actual work (per task), registration and validation of vacation time requests.

Microsoft Project Standard provides planning of project activities, local resource planning and their assignment to specific activities, overview of resource availability, comparison between planned and actual realization of the project, overview of project portfolio and comparison between projects, overview of spent working hours per project, per worker, per activity.

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